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BRICOL-M s.r.o.
Mikulovská 225
691 42 Valtice
Česká republika

IČ: 634 90 269
DIČ: CZ634 90 269

BRICOL s.r.o.
Dolinská 27/7
914 42 Horné Srnie
Slovenská republika

IČ: 31414966
DIČ: SK2020383893

Open hours
Monday-Friday: 8.00 -16.00 hod

Green line: 800 274 265
Phone: +420 519 352 054
Fax: +420 519 352 054

Open hours
Monday-Friday: 8.00 -16.00 hod

Phone: +421 32 65 88 328 
Fax: +421 32 65 88 328

Bricol company was founded in 1991. During the decade centered business is profiled in one of the largest distributors of glass containers from domestic and foreign production. We understand the customer's request to be original, so take a constantly expanding its range of bottles and supplementary products. It can provide a different finish or decoration.

The highest degree of exclusivity that we offer is the creation of the package exactly as the customer desires, so to speak for peace. On these projects, works by design staff who can transform the idea of ​​a work of art. This is evidenced by the fact that in 2009 won a bottle of Czech market competition PACKAGING 2009.

The store is always located more than 1700 items of goods. Are supplied from one piece to truck shipments. Bricol company has a wide range of customers. It includes the distillery winemakers medári, breweries, vegetable and fruit processors, manufacturers of cheese and dairy products, preserved meats, restaurants, pharmacies, candle manufacturers, advertising agencies, gift shops and decorators.

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